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The soul intention of building this blog is to help most of the techies, non-techies or an individual who is been using open source applications like wordpress, drupal, joomla, mambo, phpBB, vbbulletin, b2evolution, xoops, php-nuke, zencart, oscommerce, magento and many more as their cms websites, blogs, forums, discusson board, shopping cart ..etc. If anyone wants to share their information globally, then there is no other better place than Internet. Internet, is only the cost effective medium than any other medium to share information, buy/sell products globally.

So, If you want to host a website, blog, forum or shopping cart then I'm sure that you all might have hosted one of these sites with the help of the web hosting company (there are many web hosting companys to list at this point of time). As we say 'WEB Hosting Company' there are many services that they might offer related to hosting itself like, shared hosting, VPS hosting, Dedicated hosting or just a blog hosting and various in-house products that they have to offer. So for personal/individual/small buisness/ organistation's shared hosting seems to be very cost effective. So most of us do a lot of research on the web hosting company before we purchase any of their hosting plans.

Once the web hosting company is chosen we tend to host our websites, blogs, forums, shopping carts ..etc. You'r websites/blogs/forums/shopping carts would be running fine and you might attract lot of visitors, members a day and one fine day you might be shocked so see an email under your administrative email address from the webhosting company stating that "TOS violation" an email some thing like below:

Hey Customer,

We're extremely sorry to say that your database is consuming excessive resources on our servers. Or your database is using too many mysql queries. Kindly take the desired action.

The Webhost team

So what next ??, If your'e a non-techie then it would be difficult to understand what it says. Few techie's might understand but it would be difficult for them to act upon as thier using open source applications and you will never know how the code works here. Most of us will be confused seeing these "Policy" or "TOS" emails from the web hosting companies and we start blaming the web hosting companies for the unlimited services they promised us. Please note that even un-limited contains 'limited' word within it. . This does not mean that the services are limited in terms of unlimited hosting plans. No web hosting company is ready to use their server resources to host spammers content or an hacked site for many different reason and they want their customers to be aware of and take necessary steps to avoid them in future. They can never allow the spammers to abuse their system. Please note that the web hosting company has all rights to terminate such type of clients who is abusing their system with or without informing the customers as this will affect their server performance for thousands of customers hosted on the same server. So here are few basic questions that arise:

1. How did my database or particular table grow in size ?
2. Who is generating excessive or too many mysql queries ? , as there is no huge traffic to the site/ blog.
3. why is my blog/ site is loading slow ?
4. who is posting the invalid/ abuse or porn contents to my site? ...etc

In fact there are many such questions that we need to think of and the answers for all these questions are "Spammers". So the next question would be, who are Spammers and why are they spamming me?, In fact, the spammers are the one who wants to advertise about themselves and want search engines to think or make their company or website listed at the top rank as this will definetly bring them profits ..etc. There are many types of spamming activities (which will not be discussed here) and one of the easy method would be to hack the older open source application as the code is open to all. So when the application are old there would be many bugs or loop holes or back doors in the application where the spammer or the hacker get into and inject,populate the contents links into the third party blogs/sites/forums as these sites too will be indexed by various search engines the more it create links to any of their site would consider that particular site as  important and mosted visited site and then it tags the site to have a better search engine rank. 

So this blog "" is all about that, the place where I'll be posting articles for various open source applications with as much as detailed information instructions, ideas, workaround for such type of hacks by the spammers that I've been worked with.

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